A New Type of Video To 1000x Your Brand’s Impact.


Thanks to DocuStunts, Leads Will Be Coming To You With Their Wallet and Credit Card in Their Hands. (Without Expensive Ad Budgets or Studios)

WARNING: 90% of your competitors are too afraid to do this kind of thing, but it’s what will allow you to make 1000x your impact compared to them.


Red carpet invites…

Film festival awards…

Regular invitations to high-paying speaking engagements…

And most importantly…

a full pipeline of ready-to-pay clients that keeps growing!

Always getting new WARM clients who already know, like and trust you.

Month in and month out.

You’ll need to hire more people to handle all the work coming in…

THIS can happen thanks to only ONE video.

A Unique Piece Of Video Content That Is:


So much so that once it’s published…

This one video will make you the “Black Swan” of your industry…

Because after that, everything will change.

The impact you’ll have on people will be massive.

And you’ll quickly become the face of your industry. (What would this do to your business?)

Plus, you’ll do a huge step in your brand’s mission, whatever it is.

If you want to build a Legacy ROI and generate revenue off your name in the long term…

THIS is the type of content you need.

It will give your brand Hollywood-level fame

even without having a Hollywood-level studio or ad budget.

What kind of video can do all of this, you ask?

We call it… the DocuStunt.

Here Are Some REAL Results The DocuStunt Can Give You

(From A Real Story)

In April 2023, my business had a major shift.

I released a DocuStunt on YouTube called “I got canceled… and i did it to myself”

Just a couple months later, that DocuStunt was featured in two film festivals…

won best social short film at the Manhattan Film Festival…

drove a ton of publicity…

and opened some high-level networking opportunities.

Sure, we received some hate along the way.

And I’ve had people who slammed the virtual door
in my face. (the risks of making content, amirite?)

But the impact my brand HAS made and WILL make in the future thanks to that video, is insane.

I mean… it won an award! I was just surprised as you are right now.

With This ONE Video We 1000x’d Our Impact… Both For The Brand AND For Our Mission & Legacy


All Without Expensive Ad Budgets Or Hollywood-level studios This is What a DocuStunt Can Do For You.



Like I said, with the DocuStunt you’ll quickly become unforgettable… a trendsetter.

And to do that, you will need to be unapologetically daring and polarizing.

This is exactly why…

Right Now 90% of Your Competitors Are Too Scared To Create Something Like The DocuStunt

NOW it’s the best time to act.

While your competitors are trying to figure out how to make their content work…

You can get ahead of the curve and go where they are too afraid to go.

So that you can get Hollywood fame and a consistent pipeline of quality leads… month in and month out.

Because remember, the 1%ers are the ones who are willing to do what the 99% are not.

Are you in the 1%?


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My team and I created this free guide for all the 7, 8 and 9-figure fearless visionaries who are not afraid to challenge the status quo and want to build their legacy with content that is different.

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  • ​and much more…

Q. What’s Your Alternative?

A couple of questions:

1. What’s your alternative?

Are you getting back to the same old, talking-head content… and settling for the same results you’re getting now (and everybody else is getting)?

Is it worth it to keep leaving money on the table?

Only you can answer…

And the second big question is…

2. What have you got to lose?

I’m revealing everything about DocuStunts in this FREE guide.

So you have literally nothing to lose.

It’ll take you less than 3 seconds to get your hands on the secrets of impactful content.

So… are you in?


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